Fox Fields Update Spring 2018

Annual Meeting and Elections

The Annual Meeting for Fox Fields Association will be held Monday May, 21, 2018, from 7:00 -8:30 PM, at the Haverford Township, Community Recreation & Environmental Center (CREC), 9000 Parkview Drive, in Haverford Reserve.

At the Meeting, we will discuss the management of the Open Space over the past year and projected for this year, including financial results and budgets, as well as other matters of interest.

This year we will be electing directors for two of the six director positions on the Board of Directors. The terms are for three years. Gail Furman’s and Lee Gerson’s current terms are ending. Gail, after many years of outstanding service to the community, is moving with Barry to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Lee is running for re-election. In addition, Mary McElwee, Rich Gale and Evan Gold are also running. Information about these excellent candidates is included with this mailing.

We will be initiating voting via later this month. We have found the electronic voting alternative substantially increases voter participation. Of course, paper ballots will be available on request, as will voting at the meeting for those who have not voted electronically or submitted a paper ballot. The owners of each lot have a single vote.

Dues Update

As those of you have attended our annual meetings are aware, the Board of Directors of Fox Fields takes pride in providing a high level of maintenance to our 48 acres of Open Space and entrances, while managing to control costs. Quality maintenance enhances our community’s property values and our ability to enjoy the Open Space. Realtors have told us our quality of maintenance is a plus for our community. Meanwhile, we have been able keep our dues well below those of comparable communities.

This year, after having held dues constant for seven years, the Board voted to raise our assessment by $50 to $425. We had mentioned an increase was likely at last year’s annual meeting. Partly, the increase is due to normal increases in landscaping and insurance costs. Also, we have, during this time, increased the Association’s liability insurance coverage, and, at the request of members of our community, more recently begun to address conditions at the pond and invasive vines in the areas west of the Blue Route. We have engaged a pond specialist to treat the water in the pond to control noxious plants and clarify the water (approx. $3,000 annually) and undertaken an invasive vine control effort (approximately $6,000 this winter).

The beneficial effect of pond water treatments was visible by the end of last summer. They should be a continuing annual cost for the forseeable future – much like our normal landscaping costs. In addition, as we assess the effect of this winter’s vine cutting, we expect our efforts in the areas adjacent to the Blue Route to be carried out over a number of years. This is an area with great natural beauty and addressing the health of the trees it contains should be of benefit to the overall community.

As the list below shows, even with the increase to $425, our assessment will still be below those of comparable communities as disclosed on Redfin or Zillow. All rates below are for 2016 or 2017, except as noted below:

Radnor Chase $500
Portledge $550
Cornerstone $675 (2018)
Trianon $775 (2018)
Laurier $1,000
Roundhill $1,000
Ravenscliff $1,250
Birches $1,300
Edenton $1,800 (2018)

Finally, we note that the March storms resulted in some unanticipated emergency tree work which exceeded any budget surplus from last year, further reinforcing the need for the increase in assessment.

A review of how your dues are spent is provided at the Annual Meeting. Last year’s presentation is available on our website.


We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting and thank you for your support over the past year.

Board of Directors
Fox Fields Association, Inc.
Gail Furman
Lee Gerson
Eileen Hessman
Dale Larrimore
Ken Levin
Dan Twohig

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