2018-19 Winter Deer Cull

Since 2012, we have had an arrangement with Chester Valley Deer Management Association, who were recommended to us by Radnor Township Police and include members of the Radnor Police, among others. We have done this to cooperate with the Township to reduce deer overpopulation and the safety and nuisance problems it presents. They work with Cornerstone Association as well. The township deer control effort and the findings which led to it are described our website at http://foxfields.net/?p=36 . They were commended by Radnor Township for their efforts, http://www.radnor.com/DocumentCenter/View/5653 , and are one of two associations authorized by Tredyffrin Township as well, http://www.tredyffrin.org/services/police/departments/animal-control/deer-management. Their crossbow activity is, for safety reasons, limited to deer stands in ravine area by Ithan Creek (arrows are aimed down vertically from a deer stand rather than horizontally) and not in the Open Space near homes, although they might have one or two men walk in the Open Space along Meadowbrook Run (without bows) to drive the deer toward the ravine. They donate the venison from deer they cull to food banks. This year, they culled five deer from our herd, about average for the past several years.

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