2019 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Fox Fields Association was held at the Haverford Township Community and Recreation Center at Haverford Reserve on May 13, 2019.

Apart from the five Board members who attended, the meeting was attended by the owners of 13 of the 133 lots in Fox Fields, or slightly less than 10% of the members.

Elections were held for two of the six Board of Directors positions. Rich Gale was re-elected and Evan Gold was elected. Dale Larrimore, who has served on the Board for a number of terms since the 1980’s decided not to seek re-election and we thank him for his long and valuable service. The election was competitive and we hope that Gene Thielmann, the third candidate will again run in 2020.

The 2020 Board of Directors therefore consists of:

Rich Gale
Lee Gerson
Evan Gold
Elaine Hessman
Ken Levin
Mary McElwee

A pdf of the PowerPoint presented at the meeting may be accessed by clicking here. It has been updated to include more specific wetlands mapping of which we became aware after the meeting, and a communication received from the Radnor Township engineer concerning permit requirements for the pedestrian bridge discussed below.

A principal topic of discussion and some controversy at the meeting was the discussion of the need for and potential cost of replacement of the pedestrian bridge over Meadowood Run near the pond. Skepticism was expressed by some present as to the rough order of magnitude estimates obtained from vendors contacted on behalf of the Board, the applicability of DEP permit requirements to the project and the extent of membership approval required to go forward with the project. As noted above, in an email exchange subsequent to the meeting, the Radnor Township Engineer confirmed that a PA DEP permit would be required for the project.

A committee was created to consider the pedestrian bridge replacement further, including alternative construction approaches. The following members present at the meeting volunteered to serve on the committee:

Mark Belitsky
Keith Bradburd
John Calnan
Tom Esposito
Mike Fell
Erin Gold
Ken Levin (as Board representative).

If I missed anyone, please let me know and I will add you to the committee. Also, if anyone not present at the meeting wishes to join the committee, please advise.

Also discussed was a possible regulation or rule pertaining to pet control on or adjacent to the Open Space. The sense of those present at the meeting was that a regulation should not be adopted by the Board, inter alia, because of difficulties of enforcement as a practical matter, but rather a recommendation should be sent by the Board to the membership. We will be sending a separate email on that topic.

The discussion of pet control led to a discussion of non-residents allowing their pets to roam free on the Open Space, particularly on the Haverford Township side. It was noted that the Haverford Township police have in the past been helpful in dealing with trespass matters reported to them. The board also agreed to post appropriate signage in this area.

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