Report on 2016 Annual Meeting and Election

  • The Fox Fields Association Meeting was held at the Haverford Township Community Environmental and Recreation Center at the Haverford Reserve on Tuesday evening, May 24, 2016.
  • Apart from the six Board Members, the meeting was attended by the owners of 19 lots within Fox Fields or about 14% of the 133 lot owner Members of the Association.
  • A copy of a PowerPoint presented at the meeting is attached to this report.  Click here to review a PDF of the presentation.
  • The following matters were discussed:
  • a description of the Open Space which we maintain and the landscaping activities we carry out; Continue reading

Goslings Spotted Near Meadowbrook Run

Newborn goslings spotted with their parents by Meadowbrook Run in the Open Space.  In total, eight goslings (two families) have been spotted in the Open Space.  These are the first newborns that we have seen in the last year or two . 




Updates to Website

We have added a “Documents” page, which includes the Restrictive Covenant for Fox Fields, as well as historical Newsletters dating back to 1985.

We have also updated the “History” page to include historical photos of the Fox Fields estate and farm which preceded our current planned community.